Killer Title: A Vaccine Game is a pattern-matching game for Pico8. Set in the Vaxx-pocalyptic era where anti-vaxx got so out of control, your goal is to help the doctor get shots to as many un-vaxxed kids to give them a happy life.

How to Play

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, shot vaccines by following the patterns over the heads of un-vaxx kids. Finish each wave and help as many kids as you can. Your goal and life counters are at the right, so be sure to check ‘em.

Developer Notes

Killer Title is our first game with Pico8 and is inspired by the Halloween Google Doodle 2016. We have a backlog of plans for this game for future support and development, which includes: Boss fights, penalties or combos, more backgrounds, special patterns, general bug fixes.

Support us

Developer: Rok Kos (GitHub)
Art & Music: JC Roxas (Portfolio / Instagram)

Found a BUG?

Report it here:

We are thankful for your reports and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

AuthorsRokKos, jcroxas
GenreAction, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, lua, pattern-matching, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes


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Love the game! good gameplay but the arrows are a bit too hard to notice sometimes when multiple enemies overlap.

Thanks for comment and suggestion jugDuke :D

I created a similiar issue here: 

Do you have any idea or suggestion on how to improve this?

It would be nice if you can keep a check in your enemy spawning so no 2 enemies are created overlapping each other.

Yes, this is a cool suggestion. I will add some checks and conditions where you can spawn enemies.


Wonderful game! Concept is interesting.

I think making the arrows a solid triangle icon would make the direction easier to recognize.

That's a really nice suggestion, Jake! Thank you so much and we are happy you like our game :D

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Thanks for comment and suggestion Jake :D

I created a issue here: 

and will try to improve it. If you have any other suggestions be sure to let us know :D


Sneak pic of your suggestion :D What do you think?


Looks great! Would also be great if the place changes per level. Something city-like, then dungeon-like, then maybe heavenly-like (there might be antivaxx in heaven)! :D

Thanks for suggestion Jake :) We had something similar already in. We did it with pallet switching but it didn't turn out great because you couldn't see the arrows. So we decided that after game jam we will do completely new maps with new assets. So this suggestions that you listed will be quite helpful when we will do our brainstorming for new levels :)


Simple but interesting gameplay mechanics + wonderful execution, good job!

Thank you Primož that means a lot hearing from you :D

Thank you so much for the appreciation and support! <3